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Coconut Macaroons and Customer Service

Lessons I’ve learned in life about sales, making money, earning trust, and how they there’s no division between them and customer service.

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What Was Twitter’s First Tweet

Twitter’s first tweet was posted by Jack Doresy, founder of Twitter, on March 21, 2006. This is what he said.

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When trying to do the right thing for your customers isn’t the right thing to do

There are a lot of things a developer learns when building a Twitter search tool — or any online service. And sometimes you have to learn it the hard way. We share our thoughts on our monetization and sign-up strategies in hopes that other developers can build off of what we’ve learned.

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Facebook Fan Pages

Essential how-to articles and resources to help your business design an effective Facebook fan page.

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Filter Twitter Searches By Language

You can now filter your Twitter search in 19 different languages.

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Twitter Hits 200 Million Registered Accounts

Twitter’s exponential growth surpasses expectations once again. It was originally estimated Twitter would hit the 200 million registered accounts mark sometime in January 2011. Our estimation was Dec. 18, 2010. But the popularity of Twitter has us all rehashing our math.

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New Twitter Search Filter: Follow Conversations

Our new filter Twitter search results feature: show conversations, allows you to easily monitor conversation between two or more people.

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Two Wise Men Holiday Giveaway

Two TweetReports wise men decided to give away some really cool holiday gifts.

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Social Media Guidelines for Children

Everything your child shares online is being recorded and archived. What social media guidelines are you creating to help protect your children’s future?

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Tips For Following Blogchat

This video walks you through important tips for getting the most from following Twitter chat conversations — specially with #blogchat.

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