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The Twitter Clock: Real-time Twitter Statistics

When it comes to social networks, Twitter users are extremely active. They create, share and comment on content at high rates. According to ExactTarget, they are three times as likely to upload photos, four times as likely to blog, three times as likely to post ratings and reviews, and six times as likely to upload articles. View this chart.

Twitter users are sharing their thoughts, opinions and experiences they have about the businesses, services and products they use.

“… we live in the age of social media and instant backlash.“– Danny Brown,

If they tweet about a bad experience with a business, it can quickly (within minutes) snowball into a Twitter backlash and a public relations nightmare.

But when a company is actively monitoring Twitter for mentions about their company/brand, can take immediate steps to resolve an issue.

Additionally, according to Invoke Solutions, 31% of Twitter users follow a brand or company’s Tweets. So companies that monitor Twitter also have an opportunity to engage and foster relationships with brand advocates — which encourages advocates to promote the brand even more.

And although some companies have chosen to either ignore Twitter and the power of its network, or believe it’s a passing fad, statistics prove otherwise. So to help businesses comprehend how quickly Twitter is growing, the depth of content users are generating and the impact a single tweet can have on their bottom line, we created The Twitter Clock — a real-time statistical resource on Twitter’s growth indicating the importance of monitoring your brand on Twitter.

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Statistics from The Twitter Clock have been mathematically calculated based on information TweetReports has gathered over the years and is updated as new information is released.

Let us know if you’re interested in displaying The Twitter Clock statistics on your site (with or without graphics). We’re working on releasing a script soon. We can also provide statistical, date based, forecast’s upon request. Thanks.

troy janisch
troy janisch

I'd like to write a blog post when Twitter Clock becomes available.
I'd like to add the clock to
It would be great if you could toggle results for worldwide/USA.


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