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Twitter Hits 200 Million Registered Accounts

Twitter’s exponential growth surpasses expectations once again. It was originally estimated Twitter would hit the 200 million registered accounts mark sometime in January 2011. Our estimation was Dec. 18, 2010. But the popularity of Twitter has us all rehashing our math.

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New Twitter Search Filter: Follow Conversations

Our new filter Twitter search results feature: show conversations, allows you to easily monitor conversation between two or more people.

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Two Wise Men Holiday Giveaway

Two TweetReports wise men decided to give away some really cool holiday gifts.

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Essential Reputation Management Articles

Collection of “essential” social media articles covering reputation management.

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The Twitter Clock: Real-time Twitter Statistics

The exponential growth of the Twitter has turned the social network into a powerful tool for users to both praise and complain about the businesses, products and services they use. The Twitter Clock tracks real-time growth statistics.

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TweetReports First Client Has A Fairly Recognizable Logo

Sometimes former heroin dealers and prison inmates end up being the best clients.

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[Twitter Stats] Chirp Developer Conference Monitoring Reports

Ev Williams dropped some pretty amazing Twitter statistics during the Chirp developer conference. And with analytics gathered from our brand monitoring tool, we discovered insights into exactly how popular the event was as well as who were the most popular speakers.

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