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When trying to do the right thing for your customers isn’t the right thing to do

There are a lot of things a developer learns when building a Twitter search tool — or any online service. And sometimes you have to learn it the hard way. We share our thoughts on our monetization and sign-up strategies in hopes that other developers can build off of what we’ve learned.

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Filter Twitter Searches By Language

You can now filter your Twitter search in 19 different languages.

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New Twitter Search Filter: Follow Conversations

Our new filter Twitter search results feature: show conversations, allows you to easily monitor conversation between two or more people.

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Tips For Following Blogchat

This video walks you through important tips for getting the most from following Twitter chat conversations — specially with #blogchat.

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Why I Don’t Get My News From Guy Kawasaki Anymore

Quick and easy Twitter search tips to discover the top news stories for any topic.

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How to Search Twitter Even When Twitter Search is Offline

Our Twitter search tool helps you find and retrieve search results for older tweets – even when the Twitter website or API is down. Watch this live demonstration to learn how to search archived tweets stored in our system.

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How To Remove Twitter Spam

With the creation of “Dropped Users” you can effortlessly remove Twitter users (and spammers) from your search results. And bring them back in with a single click. Watch the video for more details.

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How To Filter Twitter Search Results

We don’t believe you should have to start a new search just because your original search wasn’t quite right. Simply define what you want included or dropped from the results then sit back and let our filtered search pull a rabbit out of the hat. It really is magical.

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How To Search Within Twitter Followers

Video demonstration on how our in-network search features allow you to search within people you’re following, your own Twitter updates and even within your Twitter lists.

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