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Save Your Business Time And Money

TweetReports is a web-based Twitter tool providing the most advanced social search, tracking and reporting for Twitter — allowing you to monitor and conduct searches on your own brands or competitors — whenever you like.

Twitter Metrics

In-depth Twitter Analytics

Simply put, TweetReports makes it faster and easier to find the information you’re looking for so you spend less time searching and monitoring and more time building your business.

And with keyword monitoring, emailed reports and brand alerts, we’ll do the searching for you and automatically send the information you request to your email inbox.

How does TweetReports Work?

TweetReports connects your searches to Twitter using their API service which returns all matching results in real-time.

TweetReports also uses a massive database that automatically stores results from all searches — even when no one is conducting searches. So, not only will we retrieve and display real-time results from Twitter but we’ll also search our entire database and display all messages that contain your search request. This means that not only can you get more than 1,500 results that search.twitter is limited to (in fact, you can get up to 100,000 search results) but you can even search when Twitter is down.

If your business needs deeper results for intelligence gathering, please contact us.