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Twitter. It’s our favorite topic. We talk about at breakfast, lunch, dinner and even at work. And when we’re not talking about Twitter, we’re writing about Twitter. And this is where we’ll post it.

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Twitter Releasing Web Analytics Tool

It’s been long in coming, but it looks like Twitter is finally releasing a web analytics tool.

What Was Twitter’s First Tweet

Twitter’s first tweet was posted by Jack Doresy, founder of Twitter, on March 21, 2006. This is what he said.

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Twitter Hits 200 Million Registered Accounts

Twitter’s exponential growth surpasses expectations once again. It was originally estimated Twitter would hit the 200 million registered accounts mark sometime in January 2011. Our estimation was Dec. 18, 2010. But the popularity of Twitter has us all rehashing our math.

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How to Search Twitter Even When Twitter Search is Offline

Our Twitter search tool helps you find and retrieve search results for older tweets – even when the Twitter website or API is down. Watch this live demonstration to learn how to search archived tweets stored in our system.

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Twitter Retweet Best Practices

How using acceptable best practices to Retweet Twitter messages can help information spread and be found in Twitter search results.

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[Twitter Stats] Chirp Developer Conference Monitoring Reports

Ev Williams dropped some pretty amazing Twitter statistics during the Chirp developer conference. And with analytics gathered from our brand monitoring tool, we discovered insights into exactly how popular the event was as well as who were the most popular speakers.

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First Tweets By 53 Of The World’s Most Recognized Brands

Take a look at this collection of first tweets made by some the top brands in social media.

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